Staff & Elders

Ministry Staff...

God has blessed us at Grace Church with a team of leaders who use their God-given gifts, passions, and personalities to lead us deeper in our faith.  And as they lead their ministry area and support staff, they seek to give all glory and honor to God.  

Support Staff...

It's a beautiful thing when Christ's body, the Church, comes together with all their different gifts and abilities in order to lift up His name. Whether tasks big or small, whether answering phone calls, making spreadsheets, creating graphics, or caring for the facility, this team of people makes ministry possible. 


With Jesus Christ as the Head of our Church, Grace is led by our senior pastor and the pastoral team, who are supported, protected and advised by an elder team.  Understanding that spiritual oversight is best done through the counsel of many rather then a few, the elder team consists of spiritually mature men who are actively involved in the Body.

Affiliated Counselors...

Grace Church has four affiliated counselors that have partnered with us in order to help you or your family member.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to talk with someone who is solid in their faith, willing to pray with you or for you, and help to point you to Christ.

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