Building into Your Marriage

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Want to hear a pretty remarkable finding about marriage?  
Psychologist John Gottman is highly regarded as a marriage researcher. When he does a study, people take note. Gottman and his colleagues followed 130 newlywed couples for six years to find which marriages succeeded and why.

Turns out that happy, stable marriages had one thing in common: The husband was willing to accept his wife's influence. In contrast, when husbands responded to their wives' complaints by stonewalling or belittling them, the marriage was almost sure to fail.  In fact, more than four-fifths of those relationships—81%—fell apart.  Brothers, let’s pay attention and learn! 

Another finding, this one from the Institute for Family Studies:  Married couples who attend church together tend to have higher quality and more fulfilling marriages. One of the lead researchers, Bradford Wilcox, explains couples are substantially more likely to report being happy in their relationship when both partners attend church regularly than when neither partner does. 1

Wilcox offers his thoughts on why this might be so from a sociological perspective,

“First, almost half of jointly attending couples form the majority of their friendships with fellow parishioners. Attending religious services with friends accounts for more than half of the association between church attendance and relationship quality, which means that couples who have many shared friends at their church are happier than other couples. Attending church with one’s friends appears to provide many role models of happy, healthy relationships. These friends can also offer support when an intimate relationship hits the inevitable speed bump, and such friends may encourage each other, by example or the threat of stigma, to resist the temptation of an affair.”

Want to learn more?  Join us for two seminars that will build into your marriage and family.

Let’s keep growing…no matter our season of life!


1. (Wilcox, W.B.) 2017, July 6 "Faith and Marriage: Better Together" Institute for Family Studies 

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