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In our time of worship each Sunday, you might see people raising their hands.
Perhaps this is new to you. What's the purpose of lifted hands? For some, it's a sign of surrender to God. It may be an act of adoration and praise, or it can be a visible expression of our dependence, much like a young child would lift up hands to a father or mother.

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Reggie Joiner has coached families and leaders around the country, and is widely respected for how he personally models the principles that he teaches. Here are 9 of Reggie’s Leadership Lessons to highlight for this Father’s Day.

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Can I issue a challenge to all of us for the summer? Don’t miss out on being with your church family.  Enjoy vacation time away, but when you’re in town, don’t miss out.

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There’s a principle we see in life that is clearly taught in the Bible.  You could call it the law of the harvest: “You always reap what you sow” (Galatians 6:7).

Consider these truths that come from a single principle:

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This past Tuesday we had our Annual Meeting, electing leaders and giving thanks for many demonstrations of the Lord’s grace and strength this past year.  An Annual Report is available for pickup at the Literature Display.  You’ll be encouraged by a quick visual overview of what God has been doing in and through our Grace Church family! 

Here are a few annual report excerpts:

  • 199 individuals  publicly declared their faith through baptism in 2016
    with lots of great stories of how they came to Christ! 

  • We had 980 guests attend Grace last year many of them invited by folks like you! 
    One commented: “Grace was like no service I have ever been to before.  I haven’t been to church in 14 years and I definitely plan to come back.”

  • 600+ kids attend classes weekly (Sunday & Wednesday) at Grace.  The Jr. High took its first out-of-country missions trip (Bahamas), and over 80 high school students regularly serve in some capacity.

  • Grace supports 100 girls in three homes led by Remember-Nhu in Thailand and Myanmar. Sex trafficking continues to be a horrific abuse worldwide. Remember-Nhu provides a wonderful safe haven and ongoing education and care for children who are at-risk for trafficking.

  • 156 services in local nursing homes in 2016.
    Services were conducted in 10 area nursing homes by a total of 40 volunteers.

  • 200 men at Men’s Fraternity each week. Our Men's Fraternity averaged about 200 men each Saturday breakfast

  • 360 women gather weekly to study God’s Word, 450+ monthly for Ladies Latte event and 200+ attend Moms Uplifting Moms.  

  • 250 refugees and immigrants are served weekly at The Hope Center.
    A group of 20 from Grace volunteer on a regular basis.

  • 12 hot breakfasts served at Laura's Home.
    Women and children in crisis are able to enjoy breakfast together each month.

  • 3,800 counseling appointments in 2016.
    Grace affiliated counselors met with their clients a total of 3,800 days this past year.

  • New Grace Young Adult Ministry was launched in September 2016 and meets every Thursday night at 7pm in the Venue.  120-150 people gather for a message, worship, discussion and fun interaction with others.

  • Forever Young Ministry continues to faithfully serve. Members of the Forever Young (50+) Ministry serve at Grace and outside of Grace. They are to be commended for “still bearing fruit in their old age” (Psalm 92:14).
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