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Do you have a child who seems to be running away from God?

I heard Ron Hutchcraft speak on the topic, "Four Principles to Remember When Your Child is Far From Home."  I’d like to pass along Ron’s thoughts here.

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Did you know we have a church library? 
Just take the stairs or elevator to the lower level and you’ll be there in 40 steps. 
What will you find?  There are all kinds of options that will catch your interest.  In fact, there are over 19,000 items.  Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:
  •  Classic Christian books, both those written hundreds of years ago as well as best-selling contemporary Christian books.  Authors like David Platt, Beth Moore, John Piper, Erwin Lutzer, and Kay Arthur.
  •   Bible study aids such as concordances and commentaries.
  •   Books on apologetics, doctrine and theology.
  •   For those who want to relax with a good novel, there are over 3,500 to choose from.
  •   A growing collection of DVDs of popular Christian and family friendly movies for all ages.  Young children love the Veggie Tales and Paws & Tales collections. 
In fact, the children’s room fuels the imagination as they enter the wardrobe and Aslan welcomes them to Narnia. Parents will find children’s Bibles and Bible storybooks as well as biographies of prominent Christians and other character-building picture books to help their children grow spiritually.  Books are conveniently arranged by reading level.
Recently we asked the Ministry Staff at Grace what books have had the biggest influence in their spiritual growth.  The library team can show you that list and recommend other books as well.  Books can challenge our outlook, encourage our growth, and inspire us to persevere. 
The volunteers in the Grace Library focus on stocking materials that nurture a Christian worldview.  Parents can trust that the books they and their children read—or the movies they watch—reflect solid values.  Did I mention that all of these resources are free to use?
So, check out the library before or after a service soon; stretch your mind and heart in new ways!   
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Did you hear the recent breaking news about the discovery of Earth-like planets?

Scientists say they may be capable of hosting water (and therefore life), and are a mere 40 light-years away. Three of the planets are situated in such a way that they could have oceans, provided they have atmospheres.

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I want to express gratitude again for everyone here at Grace who is making a difference in the lives of countless people through your giving.  Your charitable gifts enhance the ministry of Grace here and around the world.  You’ve helped to start several new churches in the area, you blessed refugees at the Hope Center with our Thanksgiving offering, you’ve encouraged an urban church with their after-school programs, you’ve given toward missions outreach, and much more!
Every gift at Grace helps to reach more people who matter so much to God. 
There are many promises and principles in the Bible about giving, like Ezekiel 44:30. 
"You are to give the first portion…so that a blessing may rest on your house."  It's very easy for us to focus on ourselves and end up giving leftovers to God and his work. A​ccording to Ezekiel 44:30, when God’s people give leftovers and instead of having a plan for giving, they forfeit the blessing that's ready to rest on their houses.

If we've forgotten this principle, it's not too late for us to begin prioritizing Jesus’ kingdom first (Matthew 6:33).
Paul wrote to the Corinthians: “Now about the collection for the Lord’s people: Do what I told the Galatian churches to do. On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.” (1 Corinthians 16:1-2)
Paul tells the Corinthians to think out the proportion of their income they are giving away (“a sum … in keeping with your income”) and then to lay some aside every week. Studies — and common sense — reveal that people who plan their giving to the church and give it every month or at other regular intervals end up being far more generous than those who give only when in church, or when they feel prompted, or even just at the end of the year. We become more generous as we make deliberate plans to get there through strategic giving. 
Many give online, or through automatic withdrawal.  If everyone who comes to Grace would plan their giving, the difference would be hugely significant.  We would be able to reach out in new ways, make a greater impact regionally and globally, pay off our mortgage, and be unhindered in the work God has called us to complete.
I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about Grace’s future!  Thanks for trusting the Lord together!
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Want to make a difference right here in your own community?  God has brought the peoples of the world to the doorstep of churches in America.  Neal Pirolo, Director of Emmaus Road International, encourages us to listen to the internationals among us. Let them speak: 

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