Whether you are in need of the services or are interested in volunteering to serve others, the Congregational Care Ministry is here for you. 
  • To request assistance please contact the person listed for the ministry you need.
  • To volunteer, please contact Pastor Dennis Barta at x117 or

The Pastoral Counseling Ministry

We offer short-term biblically-based counsel and prayer for people dealing with non-clinical personal problems and challenging situations.
Contact: Dennis Barta at 440.243.4885 x117 or

The Phone Call and Card Ministry

This ministry provides friendship, support and care for people who are unable to consistently attend church.
Contact: Mary Bradigan at 440.846.1525 or

The Hospital Ministry

Before, during and after a hospital stay this ministry arranges for phone calls and visits. The ministry focuses on a person's physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Contact: Dennis Barta at 440.243.4885 x117 or

The Meals Ministry

This ministry meets a practical need for people without a strong support system (family, friends or small group) who are experiencing the loss of a loved one, serious injury, hospitalization or the birth of a child.
Contact: Sara Hatfield at 440.915.7207 or

The Care Home Ministry

This ministry meets the spiritual and relational needs of people who reside in an assisted living facility such as a nursing home. As the ministry expands, various types of ministries are provided, including church services, one-on-one visits and off-site participation in church events. Contact for church services: Gail Cataldo at 440.356.0420 or

Homebound Visitation Ministry

People who are unable to leave their homes receive care from this ministry. Individuals are assigned a friend who visits them on a regular basis.
Contact: Dennis Barta at 440.243.4885 x117 or

Transportation Ministry

When a person needs a ride to church or a doctor's appointment or needs an errand run, this ministry is ready to serve.
Contact: Dennis Barta at 440.243.4885 x117 or

Bereavement Ministry

Individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved receive friendship, comfort and spiritual support in  Contact: Kelley Worden at 216.272.1016 or

Contact for other ministries: Dennis Barta at 440.243.4885 x117 or

Chronic Pain Support Network.

People who suffer with chronic pain appreciate the support and care from others like them. To receive information on the two ways we offer support -- a private Facebook group and a monthly support group -- please email Pastor Barta at These groups are open to anyone who attends Grace Church. 

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