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Funeral Planning Basics

Calling Hours and Service
The funeral home will help you decide the number of hours and times. The service is often held in late morning or early afternoon on the day after calling hours. However, calling hours can also be held immediately before the service.

Because we have many events at Grace during the week, and we wish to prevent any disruptions to your family, we encourage you to have your loved one's calling hours and service at a funeral home. If you prefer to use the church, please inform your officiating pastor so they can assist with the reservations.

Rooms at Grace for Funerals
Upper Level Chapel (seats up to 140)
Lower Level Chapel (seats up to 200)
Worship Center (seats over 200)

Service Message
The message at the funeral service will combine comfort and hope as well as an explanation of how to become a follower of Jesus. Your chosen officiant will help you plan the service to suit the needs of family and friends.

A typical Memorial Service will include the following, but may be customized for your family:

Opening Scripture and prayer
Scripture reading and prayer
Musical selection
Closing Prayer

Music can be a meaningful expression of comfort and love and therefore is often included in the service. Congregational singing can be included as well as special music. If congregation will be singing, you'll need to make arrangments for the song lyrics to be printed. Recorded music is recommended, but musicians are also available. You may select your own musicians and inform your officiant at the planning meeting, or request musicians or vocalists from Grace. The fee for each musician (instrumentalists and vocalists) is $100.

Memorial Displays and Video Presentation
Displaying photographs and items special to your loved one is a meaningful way to celebrate their life. The church can provide easels and tables upon request. If the family wishes to make a video of photographs, it can be shown before or during the service. It's helpful to have two copies of the presentation on DVD or a flash drive. If they wish to incorporate this kind of video/slideshow, the family must provide these presentations themselves.

Funeral Service Costs
Fee includes facility use, officiant honorarium and sound technician (if needed).
Grace attendee - $150
Guest - $300

Graveside Service
At the cemetery, a pastor may offer final words of comfort, Scripture, and prayer.

Funeral Luncheon
You may decide to arrange a luncheon at the location of your choosing. If you wish to host the luncheon at Grace Church, it can be arranged through the Facility Scheduling Director. The luncheon is typically held in the Cafe or a similar room for a fee of $100 (not included in regular funeral service cost). The family may hire and outside caterer or make arrangements with the Grace Kitchen for the number of guests they expect. Grace catering fees vary with menu choice and the number of guests given to the Kitchen Director. Fee is based on the number of guests planned for, not the number served.

Download Funeral Service Planning Guide
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