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Bipolar Disorder    
Major Depression  
Anxiety Disorders    
Personality Disorders    
Autism Spectrum

Living Hope is a support group that offers assistance and hope to those living with mental illness or in a close relationship with someone with mental illness. As a support group we offer prayers for you and your loved ones, a listening ear and a helping hand in the strictest confidence without judgment or unwanted advice. We provide a listing of resources that can be of assistance with specific challenges of mental illness. We also work to educate the congregation about mental illness in effort to combat ignorance and stigmas, to encourage understanding and support, and additional ways as God directs. 

GOD HAS NOT ABANDONDED YOU! Even now there are individuals within the LIVING HOPE MINISTRY of Grace Church that are praying for you as you experience the difficulties of mental illness in yourself or someone close to you. When one member of a family is stricken ALL MEMBERS ARE AFFECTED. We are praying that you will know:

God finds you exceedingly valuable and precious.

God desires to carry you through all the challenges of mental illness and to bless you.

God knows when you expreience frustration, fear, pain or anger and desires that you entrust all of it to Him.

We are praying that you will accept God's offer of hope and companionship

by reaching out to Him and His people.

  • 3rd Saturday of every month  
  • 10am to Noon      
  • Room 10 
  • [childcare not provided]
  • For more information on mental health resources and education, please visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website at OR call 216.875.0266. They offer classes, referrals and an extensive selection of resource information at no cost.  


  • BESTCOLLEGES.COM     The  National Alliance on Mental Illness reported the following about college students:
    • 30% struggle with school work due to mental illness
    • 25% experience suicidal thoughts
    • 14% engage in reckless behavior

    These shocking numbers moved the team at to do more research about mental illness among students. We realized those suffering from mental illness contend with a true disability that requires the support of their learning community. We published our College Guide for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities as a way to start a conversation about this issue. Our goal is to share this with as many students, families, and educators as possible.  Click HERE for more information...


  • FAMILY TO FAMILY  is an 11-week education course starting THURSDAY, MARCH 3rd for family caregivers of individuals with mental illnesses. The course discusses the clinical treatment of the major mental illnesses and teaches the knowledge and skills  familiy members need to cope more effectively.  Course topics include: understanding the different diagnoses, medications and other forms of treatment, empathy, self-care and advocacy. Course facilitators are all trained family members of persons with a mental illness.  THE COURSE IS FREE OF CHARGE - REGISTRATION REQUIRED. To register please call the NAMI Cleveland office at 216.875.7776


To seek assistance or for more information, please call:

  • Mental Illness Support   Karen Jarr  440.239.9423
  • Pastoral Support   Pastor Dennis Barta   440.243.4885

All calls are in the strictest of confidence. Your name will not be shared with anyone without your permission.







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